All our claims are funded on a no-win no fee basis; otherwise known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. You pay nothing as the case proceeds and finance is available to fund case disbursements, such as experts’ and court fees. If you win your case, the general rule is that the other side pays the winner’s costs. If we cannot recover all of our legal costs from the other side, we require you to contribute to the shortfall in our costs up to 30% of your compensation, there are no success fees or hidden charges.

We provide clients with an indemnity against adverse costs orders. This provides the client with peace of mind and makes the litigation largely risk free. We always instruct a chartered surveyor before issuing proceedings. ( our indemnity was found to be lawful in the judgement by Lord Neuberger in the case of Sibthorpe and Morris v London Borough of Southwark [2011] EWCA Civ. 25 ) Belshaw and Curtin acted for Ms. Morris and Ms. Sibthorpe in the appeal.

Alternatives of Funding

Before the Event Insurance

You may have an insurance policy that has provision to pay legal expenses.  This could be a household insurance policy, a credit card or a policy for car insurance.

Private Funding

Cases can be funded by what is called a simple retainer, whereby your solicitor will usually ask you to make a payment on account and will set out the terms of the work he/she is to do in a retainer letter, including other information and the hourly rate.  With this type of funding you will be liable to pay your solicitor’s costs and disbursements, whether you win or lose.

Legal Aid

Funding by legal aid for your case may be available if you comply with the merits test and also if your income is low or you are on benefits.  We can make an assessment as to whether you are eligible for legal aid and, if you wish us to do so, refer you to a legal aid solicitor who deals with housing law. Legal aid is only available in urgent disrepair cases and is not available in personal injury cases.

Legal Services

Housing Disrepair

Landlords have a statutory duty to keep in repair the structure and exterior of your property and in repair and good working order the installations for electricity, gas, water and sanitation.

Environmental Protection

If your property suffers from substantial dampness and mould growth, which is prejudicial to your health, we can assist you in bringing a criminal case against your Local Authority or Housing Association Landlord for statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Personal Injury

If you have had a road traffic accident, slipped or tripped on a pavement or at work, have suffered an injury as a result and the accident happened in the last three years and was not your fault, you may be entitled to